Maintenance and hosting

Even the best website can be held back from reaching its full potential supporting your brand / services / products if it is only available intermittently - or runs at snails pace, due to a bad web host. Conversely, a website that runs at light speed can also be held back from reaching its potential if it is not kept up to date. Penetrode can help you avoid these pitfalls.


It is important for your website to grow with your business. Incorrect or out-of-date content, broken images and hyper-links can be especially stressful for users and will often lead to them visiting elsewhere - not giving your product/service a chance, and more importantly - potentially losing you sales. Back-end maintenance is also important - making sure that secure areas remain secure and private areas remain private.

Keeping these issues at bay will bring only benefits, fulfilling your customers needs and providing reassurance when browsing your website and with our support - we can help you achieve this.