Design, usability and development

Here at Penetrode we design and create bespoke websites. We take the attitude that every client has different needs - thus every website needs to be different. Equipped with the best software we endeavor to fulfill our clients needs - as well as provide advice as to what may be needed to achieve the desired results.


Good design can bring with it huge benefits but websites cannot just look right, they must also feel right. This is something that through experience we know well and thus, something we try to implement into all of our designs. Our aim is to create a design that supports your brand or service, be pleasant to use and helpful to your visitors.


Our aim is to build a website that revolves around your website visitors. With us working for you, we will be able to determine such things as:

  • Is the content and functionality well structured?
  • Is it obvious to the website visitor what they need to do, or where they need to go, to achieve what they want to achieve?
  • Does the user interface support, or hinder, the visitors understanding of the website, the brand, the company?
  • Is the content (copy, images, rich media etc) helpful and/or useful?