Penetrode is a company built on years of experience evolving around web. With an eye for detail and an adherence to web standards (W3C, CSS and XHTML) and semantics, we have the ability to produce beautiful, bespoke accessible websites.

The law is becoming stricter and clamping down on companies and businesses that operate inaccessible websites to the disabled. This is the reason you may have noticed the huge website overhauls of retailers such as Comet, Dixons and even government websites such as the FSA, DVLA and many more.

We can help you avoid the pitfalls that many companies fall into by working with web design companies who do not comply with these standards. This can prove costly, should you fall into the same trap.

With a proficiency in developing web-based applications - we can help to further improve the usability and function of your website. With the internet evolving constantly - this could be vital to you staying on top of your competitors.